Making precision time pieces has a long tradition in Switzerland. One mainly finds the small factories that still make these precision instruments the old-fashioned way in Western Switzerland, where French is spoken. Often, it takes month till one of these masterpieces is finished, since a lot of the work is done by hand.


But Switzerland is not only known for its watches but also for its exquisite jewellery. Using only the most noble materials for their creations, most goldsmiths make unique pieces rather than factory-processed baubles.

Bucherer is a name the world recognizes. Carl-Friedrich Bucherer opened his first store in Lucerne, in 1888, thus laying the ground stone for this successful family enterprise. These days, this company is considered one of the leaders in its field, that is, watches and jewellery. Distinguished jewellery made of precious stones and perfect pearls line the windows. Most of it is made by the companys own goldsmith's, whose excellent reputation well precedes them.