Important Telephone Nos

The following numbers can be dialed for information

Foreign visitors are entitled to a refund when they make purchases in excess of CHF 300 (including VAT), provided the goods leave the country within 30 days. It's as easy as this:

  • Emegency Calls
    • 117 - Police
    • 118 - Fire
    • 144 - Ambulance
    • 1414 - Swiss Rescue
  • General Inquiries
    • 1811 - General inquiries, e.g. doctors, theatres, etc.
    • 140 - Breakdown service
    • 162 - Weather report
    • 163 - Road report
    • 187 - Avalanche Report
Phoning home and within Switzerland
If calling from Switzerland, you need to enter the international country code. For example, for Germany the international country code is "+49", for France "+33". The country code is followed by the area code (without the "0") as shown in the following example: "+49221123456". As a rule, the "+" sign appears if you press and hold the "0" key for a few seconds.

As a rule, all hotels add a surcharge for phone calls. With the Swiss phone card (Taxcard©) you can make cashless domestic and international calls from public phone boxes in Switzerland. The Taxcard© can be purchased from Swisscom Shops, post offices, kiosks and petrol stations for CHF 5, CHF 10 and CHF 20.