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Mr. Ashok Maharaja Ahmedabad

Location Filming is the most important part to shoot a Movie !

Fly half way around the world to an unfamiliar country and you may be in for a surprise because lack of knowledge about local conditions increases the chances of something going wrong with your film or photo shoot, by which time it is too late to switch locations.

Information about local conditions such as climate conditions, weather patterns and vegetation greenness can help to minimize the risks involved in location filming. Access to this information at the early stages of planning and budgeting will help to ensure that you choose the right country for your production from the outset.

If it is not immediately obvious which part of the world is best for your film or photo shoot, it can be time consuming and expensive to employ researchers, find the perfect location manager, or even send out a number of location scouts to narrow the search.

You may feel safer going to a country that you already know and where you have shot before. By doing this you are reducing the risk, but you may also be compromising creativity. In an ideal world you would have an advisor on hand who will have shot in every country in the world in every month of the year, but these people are hard to find!

It was precisely to meet the needs of producers and photographers in these circumstances that ABL was created as an online resource. Here you will find daily and monthly weather patterns for over 1,400 locations around the world and climate guides and seasonal vegetation greenness indices.