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Basel, a city canton with nearly 200,000 people and 2000 years of history, is located in the Three Countries Corner of Germany, France and Switzerland. Strategically situated in the heart of Europe where the river Rhine turns north, Basel has long been an important transport hub and a junction for rail lines from every direction. And the EuroAirport located only 15 minutes from the city offers connections to the international air network.

Basel is not only easy to get to. You will find that the city is just as easy to get around in. Public The Rathaus in the Old Town of Basel, Switzerlandtransport quickly carries you wherever you wish to go, and with the Mobility Ticket it is also free of charge. On walks and rides through Basel you can discover the town's many attractions and places of interest, such as the Old Town with its picturesque streets and historic buildings, the Cathedral and several other churches of historical interest, the Town Hall, still today the seat of the cantonal government and parliament, the old city gates - Spalentor, St. Johanns-Tor and St.-Alban-Tor, which were part of the former fortifications, the Jewish Basel (with the only Jewish museum of Switzerland, the synagogue and a Jewish cemetery) and the Zoological Garden with its extensive vivarium. The multicultural Kleinbasel on the right bank of the Rhine is the home of the alternative cultural scene. The town center, around the Marktplatz, is located on

Basel is both proud and very aware of its history, but at the same time very receptive to everything new. Tinguely Museum in Basel, SwitzerlandThis aspect of the people of Basel is exemplified by the many modern structures designed by world-famous architects. They complete the picture of an open and tolerant metropolis and serve as a contrast to the venerable buildings in the historic Old Town. Art ranks high on Basel's list of priorities. It is just as much a part of the city as the river Rhine. It's no wonder that a stroll through Basel often takes you past one of the many art objects that so characterize the city's image. The many galleries also offer an unbelievable variety. Basel also has the oldest university in Switzerland thatwas founded in 1460, some 30 museums, the country's first musical theatre, a town theatre of international renown, and countless small theatres. Basel is known for its music and jazz festivals with top-class performers and its choice live music clubs. There is no shortage of bars, dance halls and discotheques to suit every taste and big events take place regularly.

Cyclists will feel at home in this bike-friendly town, and can explore the region on the Three-Countries Cycle Route. And are you familiar with the fact that in Basel the sun shines more often than in most other places in Switzerland? Culinary pleasures are also guaranteed. Nowhere in Europe is the concentration of "starred" restaurants as high as in the Three-Countries Region.

The Goetheanum in Dornach near Basel was the first monumental organically sculptured building in reinforced concrete. Events are being organized there on a regular basis.