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Sneak Preview

Zermatt is a beautiful tiny village located in the southwest of Switzerland at an altitude of 1,620m. Nestled in a deep valley and dominated by the splendid and most photographed Matterhorn, Zermatt exemplifies their image of Switzerland. Feel the silence of the village as soon as you enter as there are no tour buses belching out noise, fumes, and package tourists. Zermatt is an ‘auto-free’ area making the air clear, dry and clean and this immediately creates a welcoming atmosphere.

The resort offers incredible views of the surrounding snow-laden peaks, including the Matterhorn, the third highest peak in the Swiss Alps. Famed as a mountaineering and ski resort of the Swiss Alps, the ski area is not only the highest but also the most developed and convenient in the world. The Alps attract mountaineers from all over the globe, ensuring thrilling sporting experiences on the steepest slopes all year round.

Despite Zermatt’s popularity and growth, it is still only a village; where you can leave a noisy bar or party, and within minutes find yourself in absolute tranquility.