Lake Toma - Source of the Rhine



A calm lake lies near the Oberalp Pass. This lakes water flows clear and fresh into the valley. The Tomasee (Lake Toma) is considered to be the source of the Rhine. And it is only here that the river that flows through four countries can still be crossed with a single step.

Lake Toma, the cradle of the mighty Rhine, lies at an elevation of 2,344 meters, in the middle of a nature reserve. From the Oberalp Pass a 90-minute hike on marked paths leads to the lake, which lies beneath the Piz Badus. Cuckoo flowers, gentian, alpine roses, marguerites and white cotton grass grow on the edges of the path and the lake. The lake is listed as one of Switzerland's landscapes and natural monuments of national importance and its water has the quality of drinking water.

Also, here in the region of the Oberalp Pass the Rhine Route Veloland (Bicycle Country) Switzerland begins. On this route one could follow the Rhine up to Basel and further on to the coast of the North Sea.Two nearby SAC huts offer board and lodging.