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ABL Swissvision Tourism

ABL Swissvision Tourism offers a wide variety of tours, in order to offer your clients a glance at the beauty of Switzerland. These tours have been designed keeping in mind people of all ages and preferences, and they are organized based on what is convenient for your customers. Visitors can also enjoy those special tours that will show them the heart of Switzerland and all of its natural beauties.

As visitors often come to our country with their spouses, or even with their entire families, we know that our job doesn’t stop at just coordinating a great meeting, or an unforgettable party; their companions must also be taken care of with the same level of service and expertise that we are known for. That’s another great advantage of ABL Swissvision Tourism, we can create awesome itineraries for spouses and children, which will provide the topic of conversation when the family sits together around the dinner table. Your customers will be thrilled to know that their families are enjoying themselves as much as possible with spa treatments, excursions, educational activities, in-house and off-site entertainment, and much, much more.

With the purpose of offering our mutual clients a personalized service, ABL Swissvision Tourism has conveniently placed customer service and tour sales staff at key hotels and locations throughout the country. They will be glad to provide our guests with the most accurate information on our daily tours, as well as of assisting them with their daily activities, as necessary.
We will tackle your own wishes and targeted requirements with an inquisitive and creative attitude.

At the heart of Switzerland: 2 days in Lucerne

Lucerne is seen as the capital of central Switzerland, and has been a first class tourist destination for over one hundred years. A visit to Switzerland is not complete without having seen this historic dream at the Lake of Lucerne. You will get two full days discovering the impressive sights of the city with its striking architecture and culture, the tranquil Lake of Lucerne, cuisine from the foothills of the Alps and the unique mythology and Helvetian folk culture. You can't get more Swiss than this!

Two days in Lucerne: The "small international city" welcomes you at the main station, designed by the architect Calatrava, with a panoramic view across the lake basin onto the old historic town. A bus will then take you up to Chateau Gütsch, where you will be greeted by a truly unforgettable view.

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This fairytale 19th century castle, once the meeting place for prominent international figures and the Lucerne art scene, sets a breathtaking scene for lunch or a business meal, with a view of the city, the lake and the foothills of the Alps.

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The old part of Lucerne is world famous for its century-old bridges and the mighty water tower in the middle of the Reuss, but also for its modern culture. The Kongress- und Kulturzentrum Lucerne (the conference and cultural centre, also known as the KKL) combines a conference centre, art gallery and a concert hall famous for its acoustics, all under one very striking roof. The French architect Jean Nouvel, one of the most important architects in the world today, created a stage for world-class orchestras, for the most exclusive festivals and international economic and cultural summits. With our spectacular teambuilding adventure, "Orchestrate!", you will be treading these internationally renowned boards. Here we will be making the seemingly impossible come true. All your guests will receive the orchestral instrument of their choice, and in just 90 minutes the more experienced musicians in your group will put together a symphony orchestra, which will perform a specially written 5 minute piece, lead by a conductor. This is a unique team experience – for non-musicians as well as for any more experienced musicians among you!

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This cultural kick is followed by a more measured trip on board a passenger boat from the world famous historic fleet, taking you across the Lake of Lucerne to the scenic town of Weggis, where you will check in to the luxurious art nouveau Parkhotel. This is followed by another unbeatable event: an evening meal in a panorama cabin on the aerial cableway. Exclusive dining between heaven and earth, on the way to the romantic summit of the Rigi! Between the first and the main courses, you can take a stroll in the footsteps of Goethe and Mark Twain, high above the romantic foothills of the Alps in the centre of Switzerland.

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After a comfortable night and breakfast with a view of the lake all the way to Gotthard, the mountain railway will once again take you to 900 m above sea level. A short walk will take you to an enchanted cave which can house 350 guests (in addition to its mythical dwellers!) In this realm of trolls, fairies and dwarves, we have a fabulous spectacle in store for your guests: let yourself be whisked away to the mysterious world of dreams and fantasies. The chief gnome, the lord of the stones, elves, dwarves and musicians will enthrall you, before a strengthening, lavish buffet prepares you for your journey back to the real world.

If this sounds a bit too magical for your liking, we also offer a guide to Helvetian folk culture, with rustic Schwyzerörgeli sounds, yodelers and alpenhorns – in Switzerland's oldest dance hall. This trip to the netherworld high up in the mountains is sure to be one to remember. The cable car will take you safely back to Weggis, from where you are free to continue your travels.

Discover the Alps: 3 days in Zurich, Grindelwald and on Jungfraujoch

There are many ways to explore the Alps – alone or with the family, with walking groups or with sports, Switzerland is a tourist's dreamland. Unique Events has come up with a dramatic three-day programme for your incentive trip, combining exciting fun with nature, plenty for the senses and your internal agenda to make an unforgettable tour. A treasure hunt, a murder night, a visit to a glacier, a gala dinner – a magnificent script for your perfect adventure movie …

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What better way to discover a country than on your own four wheels – especially when they belong to your dream car! After arriving in Zurich, you will get your hands on a whole fleet of them: we have vintage and classic cars from the Chevrolet Corvette 61 through to the Triumph Spitfire and the Mercedes-Benz 250 SL. Your group, armed with road books and maps, will jump in and set off on your adventure. The "Car Treasure Hunt" has been prepared flawlessly, and the tasks given will lead the participants to various places and check points which have to be proven with photographs. Vehicle-specific tasks can also be included. After this exciting, playful sightseeing tour, the group will meet in Interlaken for lunch.

The pump room at Kleiner Rugen, designed in 1863, is an example of the historical health cure business in Switzerland. As early as in the 19th century, whey and water health cures were developed here, something we now like to call "wellness". The pump room has stood the test of time and has been kept in good condition, still offering a glimpse of its old glory. After lunch, the trip speeds on – last chance to get your nose in front and check in as the winner at your destination in Grindelwald.

The Grand Regina Alpin Well&Fit Hotel is the only 5 star accommodation in the famous town of Grindelwald on the foot of the Eiger, giving you the best of what the modern version of the health cure has to offer. But before you get to relax, the event Gods have added a bit of suspense: expect the ultimate crime thriller event at the evening meal!

Large hotels have always been a favourite for spectacular crimes, and our actors will be staging a custom mysterious story, where the detective actually has to suspect our guest before he finds the culprit. It is up to you to use your instincts or initiative to get out of the trap and get to spend a deserved peaceful night's sleep.

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The next morning you will take the railway up to Kleine Scheidegg, where you will get on the legendary nostalgic wooden train, the authentically restored Ambassador Express, up to the highest railway station in Europe at Jungfraujoch. Almost 3500 metres above sea level: it doesn't get a lot higher than this! We have a glacier restaurant and, on request, even conference facilities with the most up to date equipment!

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After lunch, we will quite literally take you on a slippery slope: in rope teams, an experienced mountain leader will take you on to Aletsch, the longest glacier in Europe! But it doesn't stop there: a revolving door in the middle of the crag leads to cave like corridors and a true ice palace! In the middle of this frozen world, which will at some point in the future end up flowing to the North Sea, you have the option of being entertained by a mythical play in an ice bar.

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In the evening, after returning from the (almost) everlasting ice, the Hotel Jungfrau Viktoria in Interlaken offers more historical ambience. During the gala dinner in the magnificent rooms, your group will be discovered by a camera team from Swiss television! The reporters – well briefed actors – will conduct interviews with your guests, who will actually believe that they will "be on television" – especially when the finished film is presented in the middle of the main news broadcast of Swiss television via a beamer!

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After what is bound to be a dream-filled night in these pure and comfortable surroundings, the third day will bring this action-packed adventure tour to an end with a relaxed Jazz brunch in the hotel.

Savour the metropolis: 2 days pure Zurich

Zurich is an old tradition-conscious metropolis for connoisseurs, and is Switzerland's centre for services and finances and its economic capital. It is a city with many different sides. At Unique Events, we believe we know the city like the back of our hands, and even we end up discovering new things all the time. Join us as we discover a city steeped in history and enjoy the exclusive, international flair at the Lake of Zurich.

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Our tour begins with a guild lunch in another time: the guild house of Meisen was built in the year 1757 in the style of a French baroque town palace and represents the cultural golden age of the city at that time. The guild house of the wine growers has glorious ornaments and hearths from the "Zurich rococo".

After this stylish start, we will drop off your group right in the middle of the city jungle. Unique Events has come up with a new concept for the classic orientation tour and brought it right up to date with the latest technology. This has become popular among young people in the form of autonomous city sports, and brings an exciting new dynamic to your group outing: the City Safari with GPS is a fun, modern experience which fuses together staff and even participants who were previously strangers, allowing them to experience the city in a playful and exciting way. Tasks are solved with tactics, creativity and teamwork using GPS and cameras, sending the teams all over the city and leading them back to the hotel.

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The Grand Hotel Dolder offers the ideal setting for a small victory celebration. The original "cure house" from 1899 is now a luxury city resort. Its prestigious history has been elegantly fused with modern, exclusive architecture and decor.

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But it gets even more exclusive: for the evening, we will arrange for you to have an entire late 19th century villa, with its splendid but also private atmosphere. If your incentive has a particular aim, you have a whole range of options in two tasteful halls and the well-tended garden, before the large vault cellar opens for a dinner feast. In general, we can accommodate almost any wishes you may have in mind. We are used to putting on proven supporting programmes ranging from dancing classes to a disco, from a music or literary evening to artistic performances of any kind. The character of the cellar gives the perfect setting for the wine casino: on this voyage of discovery for the senses you will playfully and passionately discover great wines, instructed by a certified wine waiter. In this casino there are only winners!

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After a night in the Dolder Grand, the second day has more pleasures in store: we move on to delicatessen shopping in the unconventional old town stores in the world famous Niederdorf. Here you will find the most renowned old shops with specialities from all around the world, including local Swiss products from the Zurich region. Together with our experts, all the exquisite ingredients will be collected and later enjoyed at a tasting aperitif in a beautiful wine cellar. You also have the choice of an exclusive cooking studio, where you can prepare your own menu with up to 30 people, with professional and charmingly entertaining support. The participants can show their various talents, exchange experiences and help each other out in a perfectly equipped kitchen, and savour the result afterwards in a celebratory atmosphere around the dining table. Content and satisfied, you will have ample time to continue your travels.