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An Unmatched Destination

Switzerland, A Paradise in the World

Switzerland where the world meets up for perfect and unforgettable conferences & incentives in the very heart of Europe. Cultural diversity & multilingual.The home of the mountains stands for highly service orientated, exemplary venues with good price, excellent service ratio, secure, clean & punctual. 3 international airports, short distances and transfer times.

Together with Switzerland's famously friendly people, superior facilities, and exciting outdoor activities, these natural assets make Switzerland an ideal destination for incentive trips, meetings and conventions.

Why not make Switzerland's good fortune your good fortune?

Choose Switzerland and ABL Swissvision Tourism DMC for your next meeting or incentive, and experience the rewards of a successful gathering hosted in a destination like no other.

Why Switzerland?

Today's meeting-goers lead busy, active lives. When they travel for business, they want to make the most of it. In addition to productive meetings, they demand memorable experiences in exotic surroundings. They want to be challenged, to learn and grow. And when the work day is complete, they want a little pampering. Switzerland has all this and more.


Resident in Switzerland. It feels good being at home in Switzerland. Why else (apart from the spectacular scenery!) would world sports associations such as FIFA, UEFA and the International Olympic Committee have their headquarters here

Good to know

Made in Switzerland: here's how. How exactly do you make a hollow chocolate Easter rabbit? What makes a perfect cheese rind? And just how much skill goes into creating a high-quality watch? We are happy to share our secrets: welcome to the factory

Ancient traditions

Wrestling, Swiss-style. Schwingen, the Swiss national sport, involves two men on a circle of sawdust, each attempting to throw his opponent on his back. Equally traditional are Steintossen (stone throwing) and Hornussen (a cross between golf and baseball).

Summit meeting

Fresh air. Switzerland encourages guests to aim high – in many places you can reach 3,000 m or more. As you scale the heights, you gain a clear view of the world around you – and find that the fresh air does wonders for the mind too.

Hotel chains

Top quality. All of the well-known hotel chains are represented in Switzerland. Naturally their properties guarantee outstanding facilities, tuned to the needs of international guests – in the mountains as well as in the cities.

Staging meetings in Switzerland is also incomparably rewarding. Our top-of-the-line hotels provide superb venues.

Mountain magic

Absolute tranquillity. Often situated in remote locations, far from the beaten track, traditional mountain huts ooze charm and cosiness – the perfect place to conclude busy days of team activities in a homely atmosphere.

Congress centres

Unique character. Not just their facilities – their locations are exceptional too. Whether situated in the heart of a city or high on a mountain, the members of the Swiss Convention Centres alliance promise individuality to suit your event.


Respecting the environment. Most of the hotels and conference centres that are located beside one of Switzerland's many lakes have used lake water for heating and cooling for years: just one of a range of measures to protect the environment.